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Full-Stack Engineer

Key responsibilities:
We are looking for an ambitious full-stack engineer to help deliver our technology roadmap and help drive the on-going evolution of our platform and codebase. As an early team member, you will have the opportunity to work on all aspects of our platform, particularly:
- Enhancing our data architecture and APIs, providing scalability as we add new data inputs to strengthen our platform’s IP
- Building mobile-first, intuitive interfaces that drive strong user engagement
- Furthering our merchant dashboard, a data synthesis and visualization application providing concrete answers to the most critical brand investment questions.
- Enhance our ML pipelines, ease of model building and the prediction APIs
- Figure out data storage and schema as our analytics needs evolve.
At MakerSights you will:
- Contribute to a fast-growing, profitable business that delivers significant long-term value to its employees, brands and investors
- Have significant influence on the direction of our technology, roadmap and recruiting process
- Build great software. The features and data-sets you, and engineering team, ideate and develop will help brands radically improve the efficiency of their product and brand development
- Contribute to building a rich company culture, where talented people and teams are stretched to grow professionally and personally
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