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Customer Experience Associate

Palo Alto, CA
The Job
  • Lead & drive customer experience testing for our products
  • Manage systems to capture and prioritize customer feedback. Create actionable insights that improve our products
  • Be our first FT dedicated Customer Experience hire; work closely with exec team
The Skills
  • Exceptional customer communication skills and relentless positivity
  • Empathic understanding of people (to do what we like to call customer anthropology)
  • A strong interest in figuring out delivers great product experiences
  • Solution-minded thinker who can help identify problems and opportunities and solve them
  • Experience with setting up Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software a plus
About OWL
OWL is an early stage start up in Palo Alto, California and an equal opportunity employer
We believe that great things happen when we challenge ourselves
We are passionate about creating services and devices to help people deal with real life events that matter
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