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Machine Vision Developer

Palo Alto, CA
The Job
  • Leverage state of the art tools (OpenCV, TensorFlow) to prototype fast and early
  • Create experiments to assess the impact of machine vision features on social behavior
  • Work with people who have built & shipped AI//MV consumer systems (and who actually know what ground truth is)
The Skills
  • Practical understanding and experience with machine vision neural networks (image recognition & object classification)
  • Capable of designing integrations of and tuning computer vision algorithms
  • Able to construct, train, evaluate and tune neural networks
  • Experience with motion detection and tracking of people, faces, objects or vehicles
  • Algorithmic understanding for pose estimation, probabilistic filtering. tracking & sensor fusion
About OWL
OWL is an early stage start up in Palo Alto, California and an equal opportunity employer
We believe that great things happen when we challenge ourselves
We are passionate about creating services and devices to help people deal with real life events that matter
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