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Vision System Engineer

Palo Alto, CA
The Job
  • Define specs and test for amazing machine vision cameras
  • Push performance envelope of visible light cameras for low light & power
  • Use lab, reliability & factory testing to ensure great performance for mass production

The Skills
  • Ensure camera specification for sensor, lenses & entire module, so that algorithms can deliver their full value
  • Able to develop test solutions for SOC driven CMOS image sensors
  • Capable of working closely with vendors to design cameras and supporting test interfaces
  • Desire to create test programs that detect specific defects or failures in mass production
  • Experience in debugging chip & lens design production issues

About OWL
OWL is an early stage start up in Palo Alto, California and an equal opportunity employer
We believe that great things happen when we challenge ourselves
We are passionate about creating services and devices to help people deal with real life events that matter
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